Kali = Kerry + Alli 



Kerry O'Neill Tighe

Born and raised in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  A traveler and adventurer at heart. She has been working for her family’s Jersey Shore business since she was thirteen years old. She is an avid surfer, yogi, adventurer and an advocate of overall wellness.  Balancing her consistent travel and work, sometimes juggling up to four jobs at once, by summoning her inner yogi to create peace during the chaotic moments. At the age of nineteen she packed her bags and headed off to live in Hawaii on a whim.


She spent the better part of the following decade traveling to far corners of the world, chasing sunshine and waves to evade the cold New Jersey winters. Living life like a nomad hardly offered up many healthy food choices, in fact finding something healthy and  without added sugars etc. was next to impossible, even in her very own hometown.  Through the inspirational journey of studying various worldwide wellness habits, she has creatively cultivated a way to intertwine her work and passion for wellness. By teaming up with her business partner (and sister) to create a neighborhood juice and smoothie bar she is now able to share her knowledge of healthy foods with her family, friends and hometown community. She is stoked to bring Ocean County's first & leading acai & pitaya shop!


Alli O'Neill 

A beach lover who couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.  Born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey and growing up having a pretty typical “American” diet.  She became interested in health and wellness while away in college.  As her passion for healthy living grew with the help and encouragement of her sister, she finished a degree in business from TCNJ and dreamed of melding her two interests.  

Alli has been on a non-stop journey to break the stereotype of healthy=bland.  With her expertise in cooking combined with her creativity she constantly is creating delicious concoctions.  When her sister approached her with the idea of bringing a juice and smoothie bar to the Jersey Shore she was on board immediately! The idea soon turned reality as the two sisters worked day and night to create their ideal business venture.  She loves that customers are often surprised at just how delicious her healthy treats can be!  She is always running behind the scenes to make sure all her sisters crazy ideas come to fruition smoothly. Alli is proud to be the co-founder of a company that serves absolutely fresh, healthy and delicious treats to all.  To her, there’s absolutely nothing better than toes in the sand and a juice in one hand!