Juice Cleanse FAQ's


A list of our most frequently asked questions, but PLEASE reach out if your question isn't answered here. We realize that juice cleansing may be new to many people and we are here to help and guide you through the process.  Please contact us if you have further questions!



How long should I do a cleanse?

This will depend on what you are looking to get out of your cleanse and how deeply you feel you need to clear your body of toxins and repair tissues.  1, 3, and 6 day cleanses are available and each can be applied to a different situation.  Feel free to send us an email and we would be happy to provide you with personal recommendations as everybody is different and may have different goals.

Am I allowed to eat when I cleanse?

Ideally you would allow your body this time to fully rest and repair.  Adding the burden of digesting to your body will take away from some of the benefits of the cleanse.  That being said we NEVER want you to deprive your body.  The juices and drinks on the cleanse are designed to keep you full and satisfied, but as each person is unique, there’s no cleanse that works for everyone.  If you feel you need to eat, then go ahead! This is YOUR cleanse and YOUR body and you should listen to what it is telling you.  If you do feel you need to eat you should stick to raw vegetables and fruits as this will help your body still get the most out of the cleanse and not put too much extra burden on your body as it tries to detox and heal.

How may juices do I drink per day?

Our cleanses are designed to keep you satisfied.  We supply you with 5 juices and 1 nut mylk or protein drink per day that you may drink throughout the day as you feel you need.  We also highly suggest lots of water in between the juices as your body is detoxing and water will help flush out the toxins faster.  You can also supplement your cleanse with wellness shots, drinking vinegars, kombucha, or our herbal lemonades.

How often should I cleanse?

Again, this is based on YOU and YOUR BODY.  Depending on the amount of days you wish to cleanse and what your goals for the cleanse are, you may want to do shorter cleanses more frequently, or longer cleanses less frequently.  Feel free to email with questions and we would be happy to guide you on your specific journey.

Will I feel any adverse effects?

This is a possibility especially if you are drastically changing up something like cutting out your morning caffeine.  Sometimes people on a cleanse will report headaches, drowsiness, brain fog, or diarrhea. When toxins are stored in your body they find a nice spot to hang out and chill.  Once your body decides it’s time for them to go, they don’t want to leave willingly and your body may have to pry them loose to get them out.  While unpleasant, these effects are not permanent and are actually signs that your body is getting rid of toxins and things that don’t belong inside, so don’t panic!

Can I still workout while cleansing?

Moving your body is another great way to detox, however because your body will not have its’ usual fuel, proceed with caution.  High intensity workouts or things like hot yoga may need to take a break for the cleanse period.  Tough workouts like those require proper fueling pre-and-post workout and a juice cleanse does not provide the proper nutrients for an intense workout.  Getting up and out for a walk or short jog or regular yoga may be better for your body during the cleanse.  Listen to your body and what feels good to you.