A healthy outside starts from the inside.
— Robert Urich

Cleansing Guide

A step-by-step guide and suggestions for making the most of your cleanse

Why Cleanse?

  • Toxins build up in even the healthiest of people-sometimes through things you can control (diet); sometimes through things you can’t control (environment)
  • Your body is constantly trying to function at it’s peak, but that’s easier said than done
  • When you eat (even the healthiest of foods) your body needs to break down those foods and absorb the nutrients while getting rid of the waste.This can be a full-time job.
  • When your body is constantly digesting, it may not have time to deal with other things like removing toxins, so instead of dealing with the unwelcome guests (bugs, illnesses, imbalances etc), your body will store them to take care of later.
  • If your body doesn’t get a break, it never has time to go back and deal with its’ stored toxins or repair any damaged tissue cells
  • When you give your body the break of needing to constantly digest it has time to focus on getting toxins out and making sure everything is working at peak performance
  • A cleanse is a vacation for your body. You still get the nutrients from your juices,but your body doesn’t have to work so hard for them. Now it has the time and energy to fight toxins, repair tissues, create new cells and make your body overall better functioning!

Cleanse Directions

1. On the days leading up to your cleanse start eliminating junk and processed foods and cutting back on caffeine and dairy. Stick to fresh produce and lean meats (if you’re a meat eater). The day before the cleanse it is best to avoid animal products and make sure to drink lots of water.

2. Start your morning with a glass of water (preferably warm with lemon and/or ginger).  This will wake up your digestive tract and get your body ready for the day. (also a great habit whether you're cleansing or not!)

3. Drink your first juice as soon as you feel hungry

4. Try to space your juices evenly throughout the day for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and after “dinner”

5. Drink your nut mylk or protein drink as “dinner”

6. Drink plenty of water between your juices.

7. Should you supplement your cleanse with drinking vinegar or wellness shots, try to drink these before your first juice of the day as your body will reap the benefits best on an empty stomach. If you choose to drink them at another time that is ok too!

8. Should you supplement your cleanse with kombucha or lemonade, try to drink anytime during the day before “dinner” as they may have an energizing effect that would be undesirable close to bed time.

9. After you complete the last day of your cleanse be sure to introduce foods slowly. Your digestive system was just on a "vacation"; and just like you don’t want to jump right back into major work problems, your body needs to ease back into the digestion process. Start with plain or lightly seasoned raw or cooked fruits and vegetables for at least most of the first full day following the cleanse.

Foods that are most difficult for your body to break down are: red meat, dairy, alcohol, and fried foods.Try to stay away from these for at least 2-3 days following your cleanse. Too much too fast will likely result in stomach discomfort and ain’t nobody got time for that!

10. Continue your healthy lifestyle even after the cleanse! Keep up with hydration and stick to whole and natural foods to continue to feel your best!