3 Day Juice Cleanse


3 Day Juice Cleanse


Our three day juice cleanse package contains:

9 Green Juices

6 Fruit & Veggie Juices

3 Nut Mylks OR Protein Shakes

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Please include any allergies or sensitivities in the notes when checking out.

If you wish to purchase the cleanse but consume at different time, please include in the notes! If you do not specify the cleanse will be made during the next batch and refunds will not be given. If you have any questions or problems please EMAIL: kaliosjuicebox@gmail.com immediately following you order placement.

*All juice cleanses are made to order and must be placed in advance.  Pickup days are Sunday late afternoon/Monday or Thursday late afternoon/Friday; times will be assigned in a separate email.  Orders need to be placed by Friday 5pm for pickup Sunday/Monday or Wednesday 5pm for pickup Thursday/Friday.

Once the order is placed it may not be cancelled and refunds will not be given for packages that have not been picked up.

Keep all items refrigerated.  Separation is natural, just shake the bottle before consuming.  Juices have a shelf-life up to 4 days.

*flavors vary due to produce availability*

Disclaimer: Kali-O's Juice Box does not make any claims of the effectiveness of juice cleansing to cure or heal illnesses. We are not selling weight loss or get rich and famous programs. Our juice will not help you purchase real estate with no money down.  We are serving organic, cold pressed, fresh juice. Nothing more. Nothing less. Furthermore, we are serving unpasteurized juices. Although our standard for cleanliness in every phase of our juice production is unsurpassed, harmful bacteria may still exist in the juice, causing some individuals to become ill. This is a risk you take when eating cut fruit from a market or unpasteurized juice, whether in your home or at a fine restaurant!

Our juice has not been approved by the FDA. By reading this disclaimer you waive all rights to pursue legal action against Kali-O's Juice Box LLC.