Jersey Sunshine

Mango | antioxidants protect against several types of cancer; fiber, pectin, and vitamin C lower cholesterol; helps clear skin of pimples; vitamin A promotes good eyesight; fiber helps digestion and elimination

Pineapple | thiamine and vitamin B boost energy levels; manganese helps support bone health; bromelain aids in digestion, decreasing inflammation and reduces tumors; vitamin C boosts immune system function

Lemon | high in vitamin C and antioxidants; good source of flavonoids which help protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease; strengthens the immune system; aids in collagen production

Ginger | great for digestion help; can reduce nausea and muscle pains; anti-inflammatory can help joint pain; contains 6-gingerol which may help fight cancer cells

Turmeric | inhibits the growth of pimples; can help accelerate metabolism for weight loss; curcumin has extremely potent anti inflammatory properties; useful in treating constipation, IBS, and cramping; curcumin and vitamin B6 support heart health