mermaid bowl

Banana | iron give you an energy boost; fiber keeps you satisfied and slows digestion for even glucose absorption; high in potassium helps with muscle cramps and heart health

Blue Majik | COX-2 inhibitor relieves pain in cramps, muscle soreness, headaches and joint pain; reduces inflammation; promotes faster muscle recovery post-workout

Blackberry | antioxidants help prevent cancer; helps boost cognitive functions including memory; flavonols help protect the heart; magnesium and calcium help maintain healthy bones

Kiwi | phytochemicals protect against inflammation; vitamin C, vitamin E, and potassium help maintain heart health; serotonin helps promote better sleep; fiber promotes healthy digestion and maintains intestinal health

Coconut | protein and fiber reduces risk of constipation, and helps maintain healthy tissues and muscles; iron helps keep energy levels up; zinc helps support your immune system; full of fat, fiber, and protein will keep you satisfied longer

Granola | homemade with oats, honey, cinnamon, and coconut oil; fiber helps with constipation and keeping digestive tract clear; antibacterial properties help keep germs at bay; healthy fats provide longer satiety