KALE'N IT bowl

Banana | iron give you an energy boost; fiber keeps you satisfied and slows digestion for even glucose absorption; high in potassium helps with muscle cramps and heart health

Mango | antioxidants protect against several types of cancer; fiber, pectin, and vitamin C lower cholesterol; helps clear skin of pimples; vitamin A promotes good eyesight; fiber helps digestion and elimination

Spirulina | one of the highest sources of protein; contains around 18 out of the 22 amino acids that the human body needs; lowers "bad" cholesterol; biliprotein phycocyanin protects the liver

Pineapple | thiamine and vitamin B boost energy levels; manganese helps support bone health; bromelain aids in digestion, decreasing inflammation and reduces tumors; vitamin C boosts immune system function

Kale | high in iron, vitamins C and A help grow stronger hair; can boost metabolism for weight loss; vitamin K and omega-3 help fight inflammation while supporting bone and heart health; fiber reduces risk of constipation

Hemp Seed | quality protein source; high amounts of the amino acid arginine protect the heart; balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids can reduce negative immune responses; decrease symptoms of PMS