acai a la mode

Acai | high in antioxidants and vitamin C helps prevent cancer and promote skin health; low glycemic index decreases spikes in blood sugar; high levels of anthocyanins improve heart health

Apple | flavonoids can reduce risk of cancer; high fiber foods can boost brain health and protect against alzheimer's and parkinson's diseases; fiber regulates blood sugar and reduces risk of diabetes; helps control cholesterol levels and prevent gallstones

Cinnamon | anti-inflammatory removes stiffness of muscles and joints; antibacterial and antimicrobial can treat infections and speed up healing; can control blood sugar and energy levels; aids in all aspects of digestion

Oat | regulate blood sugars; high fiber and complex carbs result in slower digestion and increased satiety; fiber helps constipation and weight loss; vitamin K fights alzheimer's and cancer

Raisin | natural energy boost; fiber can help relieve constipation;  high levels of catechins can help prevent cancer; potassium can reduce hypertension

Walnut | omega-3 helps prevent coronary heart diseases; increase calcium absorption and deposition for healthy bones; make melatonin which can aid in better sleep; phenolic compounds and antioxidants help prevent cancer