Kali-O's Juice Box

green goddess celery spinach kale cucumber green coconut smoothie Juice Kalio Kali Box


AMAZING GREENS | Pre/Probiotics, Helps Balance Acidic pH Levels, Aids with Digestion, Helps with Absorption

APPLES | Fiber, Anti-Asthma, Lower Risk of Long Cancer 

BANANAS | Stress Reducer , Energy Booster, Mood Improver 

CELERY | Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol, Reduces Oxidative Stress

COCONUT WATER | Hydrator, Electrolytes, Good for Urinary Health 

CUCUMBERS | Hydration, Bone Health, Promote Healthy Complexion

KALE | Cancer Fighting, Artery & Eye Health, Reduces Inflammation 

SPINACH | Reduces Inflammation, Bone Health, Improves Stamina