Kali-O's Juice Box

Cold Pressed Bottles

We're crushing all your favorite fruits and veggies freeing the phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes for your quick consumption.

     Kali-O’s Juices are not your average organic cold pressed! Our recipes were created to not only supply your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals and enzymes, but also to nourish your soul and connect with nature, and our environment. By not only using local produce, but making sure to include fruits that grow wild in our area, we try to source the fruits during their peak season wildly. The fruits and vegetables growing wildly in the northeast have been enjoyed by people and animals for centuries.

    New Jersey and the Northeast are blessed with a plethora of wild fruits ranging from strawberries, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, huckleberries, elderberries, cranberries, apples, plums, and many more, so look out for these varieties being implemented in existing recipes, and special edition recipes created in the seasonal moment. Look outside for all of those fruits growing at your local neighborhood farms, waiting to be sampled by you! Check the Northeast Heritage Link for more info.


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Cold Pressed Juices & Lemonades

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Cold Pressed Nut Mylks