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Not All Bowls Are Created Equal

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We have some pet peeves over here at Kali-O’s.  Some of those include slow drivers in the fast lane, people who talk during movies, commercials that are twice the volume of regular tv, people that cut in line, people that wear too much perfume/cologne, being interrupted…we could compile a list quite easily.  But the number 1 pet peeve over here is that other smoothie and bowl places market their product as healthy when that couldn’t be further from the #truth.

When you order a bowl at other places you may think you’re making a conscious healthy decision, but unless you’re at Kali-O’s, chances are your “healthy” decision, isn’t so healthy after all.  So let’s talk about some surprising facts…


Sweetened or “Original” frozen acai packs contain 13g of sugar in each pack.  Bowls usually contain 2 packs of acai so now we’re up to 26g of ADDED sugars (not naturally occurring like fruit).  Kali-O’s only uses unsweetened packs that contain 0g of sugar.  So with the other guys we’re already up to a serving of ice cream, and we haven’t even blended the bowl or added the toppings yet!!

Each business decides what liquids and other ingredients get blended together to form the acai base.  At Kali-O’s that includes ½ a banana for creaminess and a splash-we’re talking about 1oz- of unsweetened #freshpressed #organic apple juice for a touch of sweetness.  Other companies use apple juice that’s more sugar than juice along with chemical preservatives and other fillers to bulk up their base <--doesn’t that sound tasty (insert sarcasm here)

OK now that we’ve discussed what makes up the base of the bowls, let’s move on to toppings. Along with fruit, there are lots of choices for toppings but the one that gets the most attention is granola.  This is another place where you want to be REALLY careful.  Other granolas are not only packed with lots of added sugars, but also fillers to keep things cheap to produce.  Can you say rice flour, cornstarch, expeller pressed canola oil, or natural flavor (umm what does natural flavor even mean?!).  Oh yeah and that added sugar, is ingredient #2 on the list, yikes!  So let’s estimate ¾ cup of granola on your bowl-combined with your sweetened acai base we’re up to 40, yes 40g of added sugars!  Here at Kali-O’s we make our own granola so we can control exactly what goes into it with no extra weird stuff.  Oats, honey, coconut oil, cinnamon.  We keep it simple and bake every batch with love <3

Oh man I wish we were done but there’s more… Others use lesser quality ingredients like peanut butter with added sugars, oils, and preservatives or Nutella (see image below and apologies for the disturbing facts).  Kali-O’s only buys or makes the best quality.  We use peanut butter with one ingredient-peanuts.  Almond butter with one ingredient-almonds.  Homemade “not-tella” containing hazelnuts, agave, and unsweetened cocoa.  Why use lesser quality with gross preservatives when you don’t have to?!

While ice cream and sweets are delicious and certainly shouldn’t be shunned, we just want our customers to be aware and informed.  Don’t buy into the other guys’ propaganda.  Only at Kali-O’s are you getting the freshest, best, highest quality ingredients that are not only delicious but truly HEALTHY.

Whew, ok rant over.  Help us spread the news and share this post with your friends and family.  They’ll be thankful for the #truth.

Did you know that all bowls are not created equal?

What was the most surprising fact that you learned?