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Yoga can truly be a great addition to any lifestyle at any age.  There are so many different variations and uses that we guarantee you can find a use for yoga in YOUR life.  

Yoga classes and poses can range anywhere from light stretching and relaxation to an intense sweaty workout.  What's the best kind of yoga? Well that depends on YOU!  Do whatever type that feels good to YOU and YOUR BODY.  That might mean one day is intense and focused, and the next is a light stretch.  Incorporating yoga moves and sequences into your daily routine is going to give you countless benefits including improved strength and balance, better mood, more relaxation, less stress <- don't we all need that one?!

Check out these moves that are designed for any mood or occasion.  We promise the movement will make your body feel GOOD, and that's the goal right?!

Yoga can be intimidating when you're a newbie, but no worries, you don't need to be an expert head-standing yogi master to reap the benefits.  Just start at home with simple moves if you're uncomfortable taking a class.  We have found however that no matter the level of skill, yoga studios and teachers are some of the most welcoming people who truly want you to feel comfortable so don't be afraid to sign up for a class with no experience! It could just become something you LOVE <3

Do you practice yoga regularly? We try to!

What's your favorite benefit from yoga? Relaxation, stress release