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A Banana A Day...

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That's the saying right? No? While apples are delicious and nutritious in their own right, today we're talking bananas.

Bananas have SO MANY health benefits which is why we love them so much! They can help with uncomfortable daily symptoms (i.e. PMS symptoms, constipation or diarrhea-sorry just keeping it real over here), aid in helping depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD this time of year anyone?), and have tons of other great reasons to make sure you're eating your nanners.

Now more recently the zero sugar fad has gained speed and put lots of fruits including bananas on the "bad" list.  We're here to tell you not to be afraid! Do americans have a sugar problem? Yes. Is all sugar the same to your body? NO! Processed sugars that are added to products for flavor and preservatives is entirely different.  Your body processes these sugars differently than naturally occurring sugars such as fruits and honey.  Your body NEEDS sugar to be healthy, just make sure you are choosing the right kind.  So go ahead and have your bananas and eat them too! When you pair fruits with a healthy fat (like nut butters, seeds, avocado...) it can actually help stabilize your blood sugar for a more even distribution between meals.  This will keep you nice and satisfied until your next meal.

Bored with just plain old bananas? Try pairing with your favorite nut butter, adding to a smoothie (check out the java buzz and sandbar), or make your own 'nice cream for a healthy treat that doesn't taste healthy.

But don't just take our word for it, check out this article that gives you 25 reasons to eat bananas.

What's your favorite way to incorporate bananas into your diet? We love smoothies, or snacks with nut butter.

Have you ever tried 'nice cream (blended frozen bananas to the consistency of ice cream)? YES! It's a must try!