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What's in YOUR Granola?

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Hi Friends!

Let's talk granola for a quick minute. Delicious? Yup; Nutritious? Well that all depends...

A lot of those other granolas that top your acai bowls have ingredient lists that include fake additives like:

  • Barley Malt Syrup-gluten
  • Cornstarch-unneccsary corn (GMO) additive
  • Rice Flour-used for a cheap filler
  • Expeller Pressed Canola Oil-super processed vegetable oil, yuck!
  • Sugar-takes a healthy treat to a sugar bomb
  • And Natural Flavor-which can mean ANYTHING, and we're not so sure we even want to know

Umm, we don't don't about you guys, but we don't allow ANY of that garbage in our granola!  We make our own homemade granola, complete with the most important ingredient-love ;)  But seriously, we do truly care about the ingredients that go into every product here at Kali-O's, which is why we never have to hide any additives, preservatives, or extra sugar.  Not sure of what you're being served at other places? Just ask! Being informed is the best way to make healthy choices.

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