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A hot smoothie?! Are we going crazy over here at Kali-O’s?? Some may agree that yes, since summer has worn off the change of seasons has left us a little loopy, but hear us out on this one.  We promise it isn’t something you are going to want to miss especially as those temperatures drop! #isitsummeryet

You know how your favorite smoothie is a fast, easy, convenient way to get lots of nutrients packed into one meal?  Well once the cold temperatures start to creep in it’s hard to crave something icy that’s going to keep you frozen to the core for the remainder of the day.  Insert -> Kali-O’s exclusive HOT SMOOTHIES! We currently have two flavors for you to try out:

Hot Apple Pie and Warm Harvest Ginger

And we promise they both deliver on flavor AND health.  The warm smoothies are like comfort food on the go and PERFECT on those cold days where you don’t have time to make yourself a four course meal.  You won’t regret these healthy choices come spring time ;) So stop by and ask for a sample anytime. We know once you give it a try, you’ll be on board with the rest of us on this crazy train of simple hot goodness.  Stay tuned for more holiday flavors!

And don’t forget about our oatmeal and quinoa bowls for a perfect breakfast or lunch to-go.  Steamy and delicious, these bowls are packed with protein and fiber to keep you energized and full for the day ahead!

Have you ever heard of a hot smoothie? They warm us up in a delicious and healthy way!

Which flavor do you want to try, Apple Pie or Harvest Ginger? The harvest ginger is our current favorite