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Quinoa for Breakfast

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Quinoa (kēn’wä) has recently gained popularity among the health community and there’s good reason for that! Although it is often called a “supergrain” quinoa is actually not a grain at all.  It technically is a seed, which is part of why its health benefits are high compared to grains but that also means that it is naturally gluten-free.


Here’s some quick nutritional info about this “supergrain”

1.   Quinoa is one fo the most protein-rich foods available and contains all nine amino acids that your body needs to function

2.   Quinoa contains almost double the fiber of most other grains

3.   Quinoa is a good source of Iron helping keep cells healthy and functioning

4.   Quinoa is rich in magnesium helping to control blood sugar and alleviate migraines

5.   Quinoa is high in vitamin B2 which is important for keeping up energy levels and a healthy metabolism

Most of you probably have seen quinoa as a replacement for rice and other grains in savory dishes, but we promise, this awesome nutritional powerhouse is also great for breakfast!  As with all of our products, there is no sugar so the plain base is a perfect blank canvas to create the breakfast of your dreams.  Another great reason to start your day with quinoa is that it fills you up (protein, fiber) but it doesn't weigh you down like oatmeal can sometimes feel.

You can always try our special “hot bowl of the day” or make it your own by choosing your own toppings.  We suggest adding a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup to give it a more “breakfast” feel.  Take a look at some of these breakfast quinoa recipes to get some new ideas!  And now you have some new and healthy options for breakfast even if you’re on the go!




Have you ever had quinoa for breakfast? Yup and it's delicious!

Do you prefer oats or quinoa? Quinoa tends to fill you up but not weigh you down like oats.