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Why you should eat avocados everyday...

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In the spirit of everything GREEN this March, let's discuss this deliciously creamy delight.

Oh avocado, how we love thee;

Let us count the ways...

But seriously, of you don't love avocados, we may not be able to be friends anymore.  It's not you, it's just, well avocados are just that important.  Check out WHY you should be including these delicious, creamy piles of heaven into your diet everyday.

Now some of you may be thinking sure give me ALL the guacamole and slices of avocado on top of my food, but how does that fit in at a smoothie place?  Well my friends (and yes we can still be friends ;), I'm here to convert you to a believer.  Avocados are SO GOOD in smoothies and bowls.  They blend up and make an amazing creamy texture while adding healthy fats that will keep you full and satisfied a whole lot longer.  Depending on what you choose to mix it with, you may not even be able to taste the avocado, but your mouth will surely thank you for the creaminess, we promise!  Next time you stop in, be brave and give it a try.  The thin mint is DELICIOUS, or just add avocado to your usual favorite!

Avocados, yay or nay? YAYAYAYAYAY

Will you try adding it to your next smoothie? Of course!