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Eat Seasonally: Spring

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Walk into any grocery store these days and you’ll find any fruit or vegetable you could think of.  In theory this sounds great, right?  You get to choose from the biggest variety and don’t have any restrictions at any time of the year.  But is it really best to be buying and eating produce that’s not in season?

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For one thing check where the produce is coming from.  Chances are if it’s not in season for your part of the world, it’s had to travel quite a bit to make it to your grocery shelf and if it’s traveling that far, how fresh can it really be? And even if it’s not traveling too far, but it’s still not the right season, you’ll definitely notice a lack of quality, especially when it comes to flavor.  Picking produce when it’s at it’s peak ensures the perfect ripeness and quality that you’re looking for and won’t leave you lacking in flavor.

Another reason to buy in season-PRICE! Have you ever noticed that berries in the dead of winter are CRAZY EXPENSIVE?! So why waste money on produce that isn’t even going to taste great?  The best advice for buying produce: buy local, and buy in season.

We’re FINALLY making it into SPRING!!!! HALLELUJAH! The weather is starting to mellow out and you don’t want to curse for having to leave the house.  In fact you’re finally excited to get some vitamin D! And you’re even more excited because KALI-O’s IS OPEN IN POINT PLEASANT!!-come on we all know that’s the REAL reason you’ve been itching for springtime to arrive ;) Anyway here’s a list of spring produce to keep in mind next time you’re meal planning or searching the grocery store for your next inspiration:

We always like to keep our menu seasonal to ensure we are offering the most fresh and delicious products to our AWESOME customers.  Whenever you stop by make sure you check to see what seasonal treats we have for you!

What’s your favorite spring fruit or vegetable? Avocado and mango!

What season’s produce do you like the best? Tough choice, probably summer