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What Makes Kali-O's Different?

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While some of you may have been unfamiliar with Acai and Pitaya bowls before seeing them at Kali-O’s, juices and smoothies are nothing new.  So what are we doing to set ourselves apart from other businesses that offer similar products?  We want to share with you a little insight into what goes into Kali-O’s products and why quality and health are such important bases of our company.

To say that the average American has health problems, is a serious understatement.  Between obesity, chronic illnesses, heart problems, digestive issues, etc, the list could go on and on.  We believe that the quality of the food available to us is a huge contributing factor to these complications.  Between highly processed foods, added ingredients (sugar we’re looking at you!) and chemicals, GMO’s, added growth hormones and antibiotics, sometimes it can be overwhelming when you are just trying to be healthy!  When we start to get confused by all the information and opinions out there, it's important to go back to basics.  Start with whole foods and you can’t really go wrong from there.

We like to focus on simple ingredient lists.  And by simple we mean fewer ingredients (less is always better) and words we can pronounce.  While in an ideal world, everything would also be organic, unfortunately that isn’t always possible.  We do however use organic acai and pitaya and many of our boosts and milks are organic as well.  We source as locally as possible and always use high quality ingredients that are in-season.

As for our other ingredients, we always put your health first.  Here are some of the ingredients we are proud to use in our juices, smoothies, and bowls.  Click the links for further nutritional information:

Do you pay attention to ingredient lists?

How can Kali-O's better serve you and your health?