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Recipe Roundup: Healthy Treats

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Hi Kali-O’s fans! We think you’ll find today’s recipe roundup quite satisfying :)

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance.  Some days you wake up early for your workout, refuel with a protein shake, and rock a positive outlook the rest of the day.  Some days you sleep in, wear sweatpants and eat cake.  We all would love to be 100% healthy 100% of the time, but that’s not only unrealistic, it’s also no fun!  Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed! That doesn’t mean that treats have to be off limits, and it also doesn't mean that treats can’t also be healthy!  Here’s some tasty treats that have a healthy twist so they can be both satisfying and nutritious!  Let us know if you give any a try!

Is chocolate an option or necessity for treats? Necessity

What's your favorite treat: cookies, cakes, or brownies? Brownies-all the chocolate!