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Recipe Roundup: Hummus

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It’s time for another recipe roundup! This one is featuring one of our all-time favorite snacks: HUMMUS.  Who doesn’t love hummus?! It’s the perfect mid-day snack when you need a little something to get you through to dinner.  Loaded with fiber and protein from beans and healthy fats from oil and tahini, it’s the perfect balance of nutrients to keep you satisfied and feeling good about your choices.  Not only is it a great dip (think veggies, pita chips, crackers), but it’s also a great spread for sandwiches and wraps.  Next time you are looking to spice up your lunch, try hummus instead of mayo, and we promise you’ll never look back.  Here’s some flavor combos we love.  Let us know if you give any a try!

Do you prefer classic or flavored hummus? Flavored

What's your favorite way to eat hummus? With veggies