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It’s a cheesy saying but it’s true


When we finally locked in the Point Pleasant location, the first thing on our mind was to get together again with our trusty friends at Broken Board Builds to outfit the new place with a custom design that shadows our previous locations.  They did the most AMAZING job setting up our Ortley Beach location (pics below) and we knew that we wanted to work with them again to create the newest space.

Brought together by mutual friends and handy skills, Alex Barlow and Taylor Kissling make quite the duo.  Not only is their work outstanding and professional, but they also bring their artistic flare which makes each piece they build unique-something we love here at Kali-O’s.  While we like to keep a consistent theme, no one likes to be a cookie cutter and these boys are able to seamlessly tie together Kali-O’s up-cycled wood pallet look with a uniqueness and functionality that fit the new space just right.

As soon as we were able to share the news of the new location with BBB, they were immediately on board to help; *sigh of relief and utter excitement* They may have even been just as stoked as we were, as they got right to work without hesitation.  We were able to meet a handful of times to discuss the logistics, layout, needs, wants, etc and then we let them create-something they were clearly born to do.  We ok-ed the rough plans, made sure they had suppliers, and let them loose.  Now all I can say now is WOW.

In such a short amount of time, they have accomplished SO much!  We were sent picture updates daily when we were unavailable to be on-site and we just couldn’t believe how quickly they were able to put so many pieces together.  As the pictures kept on coming, we started to get more and more excited, and when we finally stopped by-we were left speechless.  The time and effort these boys have put into building our dreams is incredible and we could not be happier with the results so far.  The space looks AMAZING and we think our customers will agree!  Here’s a sneak preview of some of their work:

We can’t say enough great things about BBB.  They are some seriously talented guys that know how to work and have amazing creativity.  If you are in the market for (well they can make ANYTHING really-seriously just pull something up you like on Pinterest and send them a picture, I'll bet they can do it) something specifically made with recycled wood-you’re going to want these boys to make it for you.  From outfitting our shops with counters, shelving, furniture, etc, to home decor such as pallet wood wine racks and recycled wine barrel coffee tables, these boys really can do it all.  And you’ll never have to worry about quality, that is for sure!  They double, triple, quadruple check, reenforce, and perfect every piece they make.  The love they have for creating really shines through in the quality and care they put into their work.

So a BIG GIANT THANK YOU to Broken Board Builds!!! Kali-O’s would not be the same without all of your hard work and dedication.  We LOVE everything you have done so far and very much look forward to continuing our work together in the future (as long as you don’t get too big and famous and leave us!)

If you are looking for BBB you can check them out on

Instagram: brokenboardbuilds

Facebook: Broken Board Builds

Email: BrokenBoardBuilds@gmail.com

Website: Brokenboardbuilds.com