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Get rid of that four letter word!

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DIET!!!! The best diet is no diet.  Changing your lifestyle is where permanent changes occur. Eat foods that are minimally processed and come from plants such as veggies, fruits, seeds and etc.  Stop with the cheat meals we are humans and are not perfect.  Moderation and listening to your body is key. Stop eating when your satisfied not when your button is about to fly off your pants and you feel sick. Once you start to tune in with your body and become mindful hunger & appetite will be very different.  Hunger is the state in which our body sends signals telling us we need fuel (food) for energy. Appetite is the see food eat food mentality even when you are not actually hungry.  Eat what you crave and eat when you are hungry. trying to avoid your cravings will only result in future binges. Moderation is key and drink plenty of water. Mediation is an amazing way to sync your mind and body and will help with your health adventure. 

Don't exercise to lose weight, exercise because of the way it makes you feel and how strong you will be. Try and sweat everyday. Do exercises that you love so you won't dread doing them. If you hate running then don't run find something else that you will enjoy doing and keeps the heart pumping.  

And lastly, don't compare yourself to others because everyone's body is different. Just be you and do what makes you feel good and alive.