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Get your dose of Vitamin D!

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Not only is the sun good for your soul, it also is a necessity for our bodies.  About 90% of Americans are insufficient of Vitamin D.  This doesn't mean to go and lay in the sun for ten hours.  Between 15-20min in the sun is enough time to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D.  We also can get Vitamin D via foods but it is much harder.  Sources through the diet include fatty fish, cream, milk, fortified butter and cod liver oil.  Sunlight & supplements are humans top sources.  There is such a large diffency because of excess sunscreen use, obesity rates, employment practices, season & location.  

Vitamin D is a fat soluable vitamin that is a hormone like substance. It is produced by the skin(an organ) that travels to target end organs.  The Vitamin reduces blood pressure, helps calcium absorption & plays a role in maintaing glucose.